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CatSkill – “Zelda”


CatSkill is a charismatic hip-hop project with biting humor and tasty pop culture references, which on “Zelda” is in reference to the lovable video game franchise. CatSkill does an admirable job of setting the stage to an epic adventure, one that even Shigeru Miyamoto would approve of. The rapper integrates engrossing adventure narratives with humorous interjections, like “The dark forces are strong here, making my life a living hell / The grim reaper asked me if I had a soul to sell, I looked at him straight into his black eyes and said ‘I can’t tell.'” These simplistic yet alluring rhymes complement the track’s stellar production, courtesy of Grammy winner Ken Lewis, which revolves around a crisply anthemic chorus that rides on a soaring electric guitar melody and CatSkill’s effervescent vocal melody. By the third time the chorus comes around, it’s apparent that “Zelda” has a hypnotic effect, where the chorus will be resonating in your head for days — regardless of your own personal experience with the Zelda franchise.

Check out the entertaining video for “Zelda” below, as well:

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