Direct Divide – “Abduction”

Direct Divide

Although they are some of the most difficult instruments to learn, string instruments caters to an eclectic musical approach; they have the ability to inject emotion into anything, whether it’s the sullen dejection of heartbreak or the climactic excitement of a cinematic car-chases. Strings continue to hold a presence in mainstream film scores, charting pop songs, and hip-hop tracks as a result.

Direct Divide present an argument that strings (violins/cello) and rock music go hand-in-hand, as well. As is the case on their new single “Abduction”, this Seattle-based trio craft a stirring sound with strings, electric guitar, and bass, with influences ranging from Muse and A Perfect Circle to Coheed and Cambria. Narrative lyrics and an exciting live show have earned them a respectable following. The group always being on the road helps recognition as well; since April 2014, they have toured non-stop — with 50 shows and counting. “Abduction” shows their implementation of fleeting strings with jangly guitars and trickling pianos, navigating between a gorgeous ballad and female-fronted alt-rock. Look for the group’s new album to drop sometime in October or November.

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