The History of Listening From Vinyl to Digital

Homo sapiens has had a devotion to great music since the beginning of time, but no one can argue that the most earth-shattering invention was the phonograph in 1877, which allowed people to share music faster and easier than ever before in history. Over the past 100 years, music has evolved at a head-spinning speed, as this infographic illustrates. In our busy lives, we often forget to look back over time and appreciate how far we’ve come, especially when it comes to how we listen to music.

Do you remember the vinyl record? Did you have your own collection of 45 RPMs, back in the day? Many young adults have never heard of an “LP” or even a Sony Walkman, but most of us have them sitting in our closets and cellars collecting dust. If you are one of the millions of people who currently enjoy hearing songs via MP3 or iTunes, the idea of a highly-scratchable vinyl record revolving while getting scraped by a diamond needle head just to make music may be beyond your comprehension; however, CDs are just as fragile, so enter the MP3. Thankfully, you can’t damage digital.

While looking at music listening methods of the past is fascinating, what’s coming to a future near you is even more exciting. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and Cloud storage capabilities, saving and sharing our favorite tunes is simpler and more fun than ever. Are you ready to see, or even feel your music? It’s time to strap your seatbelt on, because although Music Past was dizzying, and Music Present is perfection, Music Future is promises to be phantasmagorical.

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