QVALIA – “Sound the Alarm”


The three members of QVALIA met while attending Berklee earlier this year. Already, they have an impressive full-length album out in This Is the Color of My Dreams. If that wasn’t ambitious enough, its release is accompanied by “interactive, immersive 3D songscapes inspired by ’90s PC adventure games” — which is something the band also incorporates into their live performances. Similar to Gorillaz, QVALIA tread an infectious balance between emotional electro-pop and graphical creations. You can check out a teaser for QVALIA’s creative 3D worlds/music hybrid below.

The trio’s 3D songscapes concept is cool on its own, and made even better by the fact that QVALIA are churning out quality tunes of the shimmering and anthemic electro-pop variety.┬áStylistically, fans of CHVRCHES and Autre Ne Veut will find themselves drawn to the sound, just as followers of visual and audible-minded composers like Hans Zimmer will appreciate the 3D songscapes concept. Album opener “Sound the Alarm” rides on bubbly beach-side synths and anthemic vocals that sound like a cross of Autre Ne Veut and Imagine Dragons. The chorus is very radio-friendly, with synth-laden verses more typical of creative independent works, which helps lend a very strong atmosphere that is quite accommodating toward the 3D songscapes project accompanying it. Stream the rest of This Is the Color of My Dreams below:

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