Vajra – “Blind” (Blood Mix)


NYC-based group Vajra blend elements of alternative and art-rock with a distinctive East Indian touch. Centered around frontwoman Annamaria Pinna, who uses her synesthesia to bring a new component to her songwriting, Vajra has been developing a following ever since they sold out their first show in November 2011 at The Bowery Electric. Since then, appearances at various festivals from SXSW to Williamsburg International Film Festival – in addition to licensing deals with the likes of MTV, Showtime, and Bravo – has made Vajra’s sound appear both familiar and innovative simultaneously. It’s possible you may have even heard them before without knowing it.

Their new track “Blind” is an apt descriptor of their sound. Pinna’s fierce vocals creep around a series of ominous guitars and unsettling distortion, crafting an atmosphere that is mostly invigorating in its emotional fervor, much like Sleater-Kinney’s best work. The sitar-y bounces throughout add a unique East Indian flair, making “Blind” a successful hybrid that shows the group’s songwriting abilities and Pinna’s fierce vocal delivery very well. Fans of A Perfect Circle, Tool, and Sleater-Kinney will find Vajra’s material a welcome addition to their playlists.

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