Claus Zinger – “I Went Down the Road Today”

claus zinger

I’m not surprised to see that Jerusalem-based singer/songwriter Claus Zinger has a significant Soundcloud following; his talent and songwriting ability is very evident from the get-go. His new track “I Went Down the Road Today” is a wonderful piece of sincere, stylistically moving art-folk with a strong individualistic songwriter identity. By the time sporadic percussion kicks in just past the one-minute mark, the melodic whimpering and semi-queasy characterization of the vocals becomes fondly reminiscent of Neil Young. The vocals are incredibly haunting with their quiver, which over the sporadic strums and eerie backing synth pad makes for a wholly memorable sound. The string-like ambient accompaniment around the two-minute mark is masterfully incorporated as well; it’s a nifty production choice to have the instrumental accompaniment rise in intensity and involvement, as the vocals maintain their powerful haunting nature throughout.

I just stumbled across Claus as a Fluence submission earlier today, and it’s definitely one of the most striking submissions I’ve received recently. I’m really loving the material on his Soundcloud page. Check out his other idiosyncratically consuming tracks, “If You Only Knew” and “To Be So Sad”, below:

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