Joshua Worden – “Boundless”

Joshua Worden

We previously heard from Atlanta-based electro-pop wizard Joshua Worden last year, when his track “Midnight” showed off how Worden’s warmly tranquil vocals and lush R&B-tinged electro-pop arrangements combined for a sound akin to falling asleep in a bed full of velvet on a rainy summer afternoon. Over a year later, this tranquility is still present in Worden’s new material. His new album, Into Fog, presents soulful downtempo electronica with bursts of sporadic darkness and effervescence, sometimes within the same track. Worden – a Jazz Guitar turned English Lit major – uses his multi-instrumental prowess and soothing vocals throughout the release with resounding success, particularly on highlight “Boundless”.

“Nothing wrong, all is right,” the track begins, with whirring and blinking synths emanating over sporadic percussion. His vocals raise in intensity with the arrival of translucent keys, helping to set up for a very hypnotic instrumental interlude where these key-laden elements combine with melodically distorted vocal elements. This is pleasant, non-stressful listening that fans of stylistically eclectic synth-pop should eat up immediately. Check out the similarly striking effort “Something” below:

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