Cosby – “Heartracer”

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The starry-eyed effervescence of “Heartracer” is nicely demonstrative of Cosby’s fun take on ’80s synth-pop and rock — an area that artists like Ford & Lopatin and Future Islands have recently tackled successfully. With that in mind, you’d think that the name “Cosby” pays tribute to the ’80s sitcom. In actuality, Cosby is led by brothers Chris and Chip Cosby. The trio have already garnered attention in their native Richmond, Virginia area, and are recently being propelled by the rising success of new single “Heartracer”. According to the band, “Heartracer” is about “that moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all, for better or worse, heading in the same direction on this big floating rock in space we call Earth.”

Also recommended is their track “Larusso”, off their previous release Storyamp. The trickling synths and distant guitar twangs, combined with the melodic vocals, make it my personal favorite from the trio:

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