Anne-Simone – “Digitize Me”


Anne-Simone produces sugar-sweet pop music with a twist; she’s also a programmer whose lyrics for her recent track, “Digitize Me”, makes up a running computer program. “When I am not creating music, I happen to create software,” the singer/songwriter explains. “Somewhere between the musical keyboard and computer keyboard, the two worlds melded. For the technically minded or just curious, the code/lyrics is available on GitHub.” All that programming stuff goes over my head, but what I can grasp is that “Digitize Me” is a nice piece of resiliently optimistic pop music, the type that will likely appeal to fans of Mates of State, Jenny and Johnny, Little Dragon, and other female-fronted synth-pop groups with a frequently upbeat feel. The additional touch of futurism in Anne-Simone’s music works well with her electronic-focused sound. It provides for some pleasurable easy listening, certainly. Anne-Simone’s new album, Bittersweet, will be released on January 11th.

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