Nate Paladino – “Buy Your Heart”

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Based out of Orange County, Nate Paladino balances an engaging lyrical introspective that can be both dramatic and humorous, much like the personality-heavy singer/songwriter work of┬áJonathan Richman, Nick Cave, or Leonard Cohen. Like those songwriters, his stylistic reach is eclectic as well, ranging from somber piano-laden balladry to energetic rock songs. In the ballad spectrum, “Buy Your Heart” is a touching and melodically powerful ode to love through hardships and long work hours. Tragically, the song’s protagonist detects a love fading, and is attempting to remedy it by purchasing nice things for their beloved. It’s a consuming and relatable tale of heartbreak accompanied by some graceful melodic flourishes.

Paladino also shows his old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll chops on “Don’t Say Maybe”, a fun and rollicking ode to traditional rock of the ’50s and ’60s ilk. These are just two highlights off the EP. Stream the rest of Paladino’s Good Boy EP below:

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