Pacanomad – “Heaven Can Wait”


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A powerful lead and crunchy guitars lead the powerful “Heaven Can Wait”, the opening track off the debut EP from Canadian rock/R&B group Pacanomad. Chantel Rivard’s sultry vocals are bound to remind some of Amy Winehouse, while the backing instrumentation is a boisterously fun and accessible hybrid of rock, blues, and funk, for which The Dead Weather comes to mind. The versatile female vocals clashing with such a powerful stylistic re-imagining results in an impressive debut from this group, who have to chance to ascend in popularity similarly to Florence and the Machine, or at least hit it off with listeners who enjoy that niche. Pacanomad is currently in the studio recording their first full-length, but their Restless EP does more than enough to establish their fierceness. Another track, “I Lost You”, is even more representative of the group’s slick R&B and stylistically expansive arsenal during its more muted moments. The chorus and primary hook, as is often the case with the group, is packed full of energy and highly involved.

Stream the group’s debut EP in full below:

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