Blunda – “Surrender”

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Anyone who enjoyed the vibes on Beck’s most recent album Morning Phase – laid-back with awakened warmth and patient beauty – will find themselves quickly enamored with Andy Blunda’s new single “Surrender”. Blunda is a musical vet who has considerable touring experience, particularly with Fastball during their ’90s reign and hits like “The Way”. He also recorded two albums with Rick Rubin and the project Paloalto. These days, he works mostly on his solo material; January 2014 saw the release of Blunda’s second solo EP, Messages. His newest track, the airy and serene “Surrender”, is a song Blunda wrote after his quest to get sober in late 2010. It’s a song filled with the message of hope prevailing over personal demons. His soothing vocal approach combines with reflectively mellow guitar work and a steady rhythm section, resulting in a predictably warm track that suggests Blunda’s next album or EP may be his best to date.


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