d.oh – “Alien Rooster”

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d.oh is Daniel Oh, an electro-pop artist whose lush and sensuous sound has drawn comparisons to James Blake and The Weeknd. Oh pursues his passion for music between and during classes at the University of Toronto. While his sound is certainly in the electronic realm, he’s quick to point out influences ranging from rock and pop to blues and jazz. That eclectic reach is apparent on his single “Alien Rooster”, which gets to the point quickly with a warm jazzy bass line and a series of caressing synth pads and Casio trickles. Oh’s vocals alternate between whimsical nearly unrestrained glee and reserved contemplation, a parallel that contributes to several infectious moments that lend nice clarity to his already-riveting soundscape, which blends R&B swagger with a morning-after retrospection similarly to The Weeknd.

Oh is clearly filled with potential. I’ll be paying attention to his future releases for sure.

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