Dream Circle – “So Many Things” (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)

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Brassy spurts and a spacey synth arpeggio prove a fascinating intro to the Pherixx Remix of Dream Circle’s “Dark Star”, with emerging vocals echoing in a melodic reverb over the droplets of spacey synths. The synth lead from 01:10 to around 01:40 reminds me fondly of the electronic duo Air and their impressive atmospheric reach, while the subsequent trickling lead is reminiscent of The Knife’s chilly and cinematic electro-pop. It’s commendable how the vocals operate similarly to an instrument throughout; the echoing and placement both work well over the striking backing beats. The final minute sports a snazzy instrumental outro that brings back the brassy synth spurts from the intro, with a few final vocal implementations closing things up nicely. Stream the track below.

This “Dark Star” remix is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Dream Circle’s dazzling electronic work. Combining a love for world music, art, and activism, the Brooklyn-based trio has a ton of worthwhile material available throughout the Unemployable Music Soundcloud. In addition to this fantastic remix (and original), other highlights from the group include the stylishly infectious remix of “Original”, also by Pherixx, and the bubbly “So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)”, which reminds very favorably of Ryan Hemsworth’s pitch-fluctuation-loving material. Dream Circle are delivering some exotically consuming sounds at an enjoyably rapid rate.

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