The Kiss That Took A Trip – “Champions of Delay”

The Kiss That Took a Trip

Based out of Madrid, The Kiss That Took A Trip is the solo project of M.D. Trello, a talented songwriter/producer who has been producing trippily atmospheric post-rock experiments under the name since 2006. Trello claims to have found his unique voice with his 2012 album The Mighty Have Fallen, where an ambient/jazzy approach allowed him to spaciously craft his oft-instrumental compositions. Two years later, his new album Electroforest is his greatest accomplishment yet, a highly melodic and spacey release whose mixture of effervescent guitar work and otherworldly synths would fit right at home on a tropical moon, full of blue oceans and lush forests.

While Electroforest contains the most vocal additions out of any The Kiss That Took A Trip release, there are still plenty of instrumental works that showcase Trello’s atmospheric abilities. “Tidy Up You Pig” is a guitar-led burst of light complemented by jazzy percussion and varying guitar distortions, with the wavering lightness of an elegant synth pad in the background. The subsequent track, “Champions of Delay”, is a more lush demonstration of the guitar/synth pad relationship explored enjoyably throughout Electroforest, with trickling guitar arpeggios gracefully floating alongside a string-based synth pad. It’s my favorite effort on the release, which can be streamed in full below:

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