Little Shells – “I’ll Remain”

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Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Little Shells produces a theatrical fusion of jazz and pop to result in a form of orchestral effectiveness that will sound familiar to fans of Fiona Apple, Beth Gibbons, and Utada Hikaru. The lead single off her new album 5 Deep Under, “I’ll Remain”, is a powerful track that evolves from barren piano-led beginnings to an all-encompassing orchestral beauty, where the vocals of Little Shells (real name┬áConchita Campos) produce a caressing yet theatrical lead — where the concluding repetition of “I’ll remain” over weeping strings and stirring piano makes for a very powerful emotional listen.

Campos has a BA in Electronic Music Composition and moved to NY in 2004, where she has released two albums. These new efforts represent the introduction of her new project, Little Shells. Compared to her more soul-based previous projects, Little Shells embraces a broader eclectic style that ushers in elements of jazz, electronica, and pop. If you like what you’re hearing, also be sure to check out her lush track “Goodnight” below:

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