Patrick Joseph – “Setting Sun”

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With its creaky acoustics, solemn piano, and sliding twangs, Patrick Joseph casts a wonderfully mysterious melancholic feel throughout the captivating “Setting Sun”. It’s easy to fawn over the trickle of piano just past the one-minute mark combined with the caressing backing vocal touch (the atmosphere reminds of Radiohead’s gentler yet powerfully atmospheric efforts). I’m not certain what the instrument/sample is — sounds like a sliding guitar sampled, or perhaps a voice altered. Either way, it’s an absolutely gorgeous complement to the delicate yet powerful composition. Certainly, Joseph’s Jeff Buckley-like voice helps carry the invigorating soundscape (Deli Magazine called him “the grittier, spiritual successor to Jeff Buckley’s throne.”).

“Setting Sun” is off Joseph’s sophomore album, Moon King, which can be streamed in full below:

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