Ninth Floor Mannequin – “Absences”

ninth floor mannequin

“Absences” is a stellar track from Ninth Floor Mannequin that features crisp guitars and a bustling post-punk bass line beautifully complementing the hazy vocals throughout. I’m particularly fond of the bridge around the two-minute mark, where a spacey synth backing combines with slick guitar lines — nicely reminiscent of a lusher Muse. The hypnotic structure is a nice fit for this style in particular, both in regard to the post-punk/pop infectiousness and personal lyrics. The fact that the performance, recording, mixing, and mastering all comes via one person makes it even more impressive. Ninth Floor Mannequin is the solo project of Staten Island-based Jarrod Pedone, who also has background as a film composer (in addition to a Bachelor of Arts in it). This talented multi-instrumentalist flaunts several abilities throughout “Absences”, in addition to the excellent tracks below. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what else he has in store.

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