061180 – “A farm in the dessert”

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061180 is the project of John Parnell, a creator of avant-garde music mostly in the vein of experimental drone, ambient, and noise. Taking a cue from artists like Merzbow and Aphex Twin, Parnell crafts his own darkly intoxicating worlds that balances between ethereal and terrifying. 061180 is a project – based out of Birmingham, Alabama – written for fans of ambient music, or any listener who enjoys dark Lynchian worlds being created from audible rubble. Certainly one wouldn’t be surprised if any of the six tracks on Parnell’s new album, I’m considering being a cloud, was inspired somehow by the dark world of Eraserhead. With ambiguously horrific sounds and doomed vocal repetition – like “there’s something very wrong” on the 9-minute “A farm in the dessert”, before it falls into a gusty point of ambiguity – 061180 certainly makes its mark as a very idiosyncratic project.

Stream the rest of I’m considering being a cloud below:

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