Everything by Electricity – “High”

everything by electricity

Back in 2013, London-based group Everything by Electricity impressed with the track “Violet Haze”, which ran on nocturnal synth pads and a nostalgic motor-like ignition in its similarities to neon-lit Italo-disco and synth-pop. Their sound was brimming with life and synth-driven infectiousness, just as is the case with their brand new track “High”. It presents the group’s sleekly familiar synth-pop arsenal in similarly stellar form, though with a renewed focus on shimmering guitars — resulting in a sound not too distant from M83 or, more closely, Cut Copy. The lead vocals of Emi project an angelic draw, acting as a calming instrument over the synth pad’s swelling effervesence, especially around the bridge at the two-minute mark. The subsequent use of a subtle arpeggio and guitar twang to introduce the final verse concludes this majestic build-up, something Everything by Electricity still does exceptionally well. This is a hypnotic gem from a very melodically gifted group, who looks to have something new on the way this year.


Mike Mineo

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