Gibberish – “Colonies”

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Based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Gibberish is the project of Derek and Lorie Bromley. The duo creates an otherworldy vein of psych-pop that features swirling textures and mysteriously infectious melodies. Their wonderful new track “Colonies” is led by soulful vocals reminiscent of Cass McCombs, which intertwine with a ghostly assortment of booming bass, a faint synth pad, and clacking minimalist percussion; it creates an immediately engaging appeal that is dripping with quality atmospherics. The colorfully unpredictable video adds nicely to this allure. The percussive additions around 02:25 signal an oncoming transition, and what occurs – the beautiful effervescent sun-lit guitars – is fantastic. I’m hearing hints of both Animal Collective and Radiohead, enjoyably enough. Suffice to say, this is a particularly brilliant moment on an altogether brilliant track.

“Colonies” is one of many excellent tracks off the band’s new album, Winter Coat:

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