Nature Ganganbaigal – “The Expedition”

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As you can likely tell from “The Expedition” alone, songwriter Nature Ganganbaigal has a penchant for creating incredibly stimulating music where worlds come to life — guided by audible force alone. He combines his love for Mongolian folk with an eclectic array of other genres, including metal and rock, to craft music ideal for film and video games (two areas he has produced plentiful work in). Possessing a Masters in Music from NYU, Ganganbaigal has an impressive resume — appearances at several film festivals, an invite to perform as a soloist with the NYU Philharmonic and Jazz ensemble, and a feature on MTV.

To Where Tengger Leads Me is a new solo effort from the artist that shows off a wonderfully unique soundscape, molded by Ganganbaigal’s music abilities and beliefs in Tibetan Buddhism alike. The result is simultaneously calming and stimulating for the mind, the fast-paced plucking converging with the stirring strings on “The Expedition” serving as a good example. In the background, powerful warrior-like vocals chant as the strumming picks up in intensity. It’s a very fascinating effort on an altogether well-crafted release, which can be streamed in full below:

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