Ransom Scenery – “Slowly Spinning”

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Ransom Scenery is a group based out of Springfield, Illinois that combines the alluring spaciness of Alt-J with the group’s admiration for the stylistically eclectic and unpredictable structures of Steve Reich. Add in a dose of modern psych-rock a la Tame Impala and you have this interesting project, which is represented well by the serenely hypnotic “Slowly Spinning”, the opening track off their new album ear to ear. Although concise at less than three minutes, it travels from haunting arpgeggiated organ beginnings with cavernously reverbed vocals to expansive industrial production and effervescent guitar/synth work, culminating in one great build-up that provides an apt summary of the group’s tendency to craft slowly evolving stylistically eclectic gems. The next track, “Driplove”, certainly hearkens to Steve Reich in its minimalist repetition. Stream the rest of this fascinating album below:

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