The Analogs – “Electric”

the analogs music

The Analogs is the solo project of Al Gentile, a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Lowell, Massachusetts. His new track “Electric” is a striking work with enjoyably contrasting sections. While the initial verses are richly expansive and well-polished, with synth trickles and crisp guitar lines over Gentile’s subdued vocals, the chorus is a spacious repetition of “all you know will pass with time” over a gentle synth pad. The chorus is accompanied by gradual additions – like the charismatic new guitar addition around the two-minute mark – that aid in its cohesive transition to the instrumental fullness of the verses. The track really gets going in the final two minutes, when Gentile’s faint “electric” repetition is adorned by a gorgeous melodic assortment of twangy guitar solos, vintage ’80s synths, and effervescent pads. This is a fantastic effort from a very promising artist with a considerable degree of instrumental and songwriting ability.


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