The Aurian Haller Band – “Les orphelins”

Aurian Haller Band

Aurian Haller Band is comprised of various Quebec City musicians and fronted by Aurian Haller, an award-winning poet and singer/songwriter. With an expansive folk sound rooted in influences like Nick Drake and Daniel Lanois, the group’s arsenal includes elements like string bass, cello, and lap steel, touting a sense of stylistic versatility that arises throughout — especially the aspects of fluid jazz and sophisti-pop. This jazz/folk/pop hybrid is gorgeous and often soothing throughout Aurian Haller Band’s new album House of Words. The first track, “Les orphelins”, resembles Jens Lekman in the smooth jazz-tinged folk-pop, while the grittier brooding folk of “River Flow” presents a sweeping string-tinged sense of folk grandiosity, something fans of Nick Cave or Nick Drake will find enjoyably familiar.

House of Words is an exciting, well-polished release with stylistic versatility and an ample array of great influences resulting in a rich sound. Stream it in full below:

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