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John Powers has been a staple in the NYC live music scene for years, captivating audiences at notable venues like Pianos, where he is on residency for the next three Sundays. With his soothing voice (reminiscent of a fused Scott Walker and Cat Stevens), soft guitars, and occasional keys, Powers crafts a magical and nostalgic sound with a sort of timeless quality. Such qualities are on full display on his newest album, Been Around, in addition to his newest single, “Be Here Now”, above.

“Be Here Now” is an excellent track that hearkens back to the heyday of folk music, when artists like Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin seemed to effortlessly lace gentle guitar progressions with vintage keys, soft vocals, and a pleasant lyrical palate. As such, it’s a throwback arsenal that would sound great on a quality portable vintage turntable. As the track begins to pick up, with the listing of the seasons, the music seems to reflect it — with the jazzy percussion and uptick in vocal intensity representing the shift; the enjoyable interplay is akin to how Van Morrison aligns his wordplay with instrumentation. “Be Here Now” is a gentle folk success that’s very pleasant to the ears, and a great introduction to Powers’ catalog.

Stream Been Around in full below:


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