Tumbler – “Break Or Fall”

break or fall music

Strong acoustical strums and string cries set “Break Or Fall” into motion, projecting a majestic quality somewhat similar to the Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”. And like that, the anthemic percussion remains with the full orchestra seeping in during the chorus. It’s quite a complementary comparison, as “Break Or Fall” seems to be attempting something similarly stadium-sized in terms of sound, succeeding for the well majority. The “so eager to appreciate” bit around 02:30, with the surrounding guitar twangs and halted melodic twists, summarizes the group’s alternative-leaning tendencies well; the orchestral elements interweave with the guitars and anthemic vocals to create a sound both stirring and promising.

The remainder of the English group’s new album, You Said, can be streamed on Tumbler’s Soundcloud.

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