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Gideon King and City Blog is a jazz fusion project whose new album, City Blog, is making waves among anyone who appreciates chilled-out sophistication in the vein of Steely Dan, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Pat Metheny. Huffington Post called Gideon King’s new project “not just an ensemble but an experience … an aurally rich group filled with sophisticated musicality, their newest self-titled album is full of vibrant arrangements, edgy lyrics, and chilled-out vibes.” King is the band’s leader, though is supported by a variety of very skilled and experienced musicians, including James Genus (SNL’s bass player and the bassist for Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock, and more), bassist Matt Benman (Glide), drummers Willard Dyson and Donald Edwards, keyboardist Kevin Hays, and saxophonist Donny Mccaslin. Vocalists include Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan), Grace Weber, Elliott Skinner and Saul Kurtz.

Many of these large ensemble projects often lack chemistry, but that’s not the case with Gideon King and City Blog – at all. Each member plays a memorable and equal role, as is shown on the release’s self-titled track. Elliott Skinner’s smooth vocals glide seamlessly across a flawless assortment of lively keys and mellow rhythms. The mid-section piano solo is melodically blissful, as are the guitar-play additions around 02:30. If you like what you’re hearing, check out more from Gideon King and City Blog on their Soundcloud.

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