Jacob Faurholt – “Future Wife”

jacob faurholt

For his sixth album, Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt pursued a theme familiar to many: the “break-up album.” Written after the end of a 9-year relationship, Faurholt wrote the album particularly as a way to “come to terms with the madness and points forward,” which is precisely what one of the album’s many standout tracks, “Future Wife”, is about.

The new album, Super Glue, is out on January 22nd, encompassing many styles from melodic noisy rock to haunting ballads (with atmospheric production courtesy of Brian Batz). Faurholt cites Grandaddy and Sparklehorse as two influences, and the album’s grand atmosphere certainly suggests that. However, as a whole Faurholt’s sound is entirely his own, especially on “Future Wife”. Here, Faurholt begins on a crisp-clean electric guitar tone and endearing vocals, with synth flourishes appearing delightfully during the verse’s second entry. The chorus – with its dual-vocal layered “there’s no reason to build” refrain – is particularly touching and melodically affecting. It’s one of many accomplished efforts on Super Glue, out in January, for an artist with a decisive and tightly infectious sound.

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