Century of Ecstasy – “Sun Is Burning”

Century Of Ecstasy

Joakim Persson began his solo lo-fi project Century of Ecstasy over a decade ago in his home in Sweden. “Sun is Burning” is the title track off his first album Decade in the Shade, which can be streamed in full below and on Soundcloud.

Persson utilizes a reamping technique to help his low-key and smooth baselines stand out against his striking psychedelic guitar melodies. Using a variety of smaller guitar amps enabled his overdubbed vocals and additional instrumentation to not get lost in the mix; the result is a wonderfully cohesive slab of psychedelia. Loose drum loops mixed with drowned-out and ethereal vocals contribute to the lushly hypnotic vibes. The style lends to an otherworldly atmosphere that is smoothly akin to various rock staples of the past and present; Tom Petty’s vocal delivery and suaveness comes to mind, as do modernistic takes on psych-rock/pop courtesy of acts like Kurt Vile, War on Drugs, and Tame Impala. “Sun is Burning” is that perfect track for the end of the day, when all your work is done and it’s time to relax and contemplate.

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