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Jas Patrick produces stripped-down blues-rock that will come across as a breath of fresh air to fans of the genre, many who are tired of gimmick-y modern takes with messy stylistic results. A drummer since he was four, Patrick has been on the road churning out his organic vein of blues-rock since age 18. Aptly based out of Nashville, his sound has already earned him a slew of gear endorsements from the likes of Farmer Foot Drums, Shubb Capos & John Pearse Strings, undoubtedly in due part to a sound that provides a riveting version of straightforward rock ‘n’ roll.

The creation process for Patrick’s newest release, Inky Ovine, began back in 2012, shortly after he find frustration in his then-just-released Tributaries EP. Studio and budget limitations made the result not entirely intended. From that point on, Patrick put savings aside each month to eventually craft his home studio. Eventually all the gear was in place and, in June of 2014, recording for Inky Ovine started. Alongside engineer Brad Bass, Patrick set forth in creating the album which truly and finally represented his vision: a fierce vein of rock ‘n’ roll with touches of blues and Brit-rock. The release’s lead single, “Harpy”, is a great showing of that – with crunchy guitars, Patrick’s howling vocals, and soulful choir backing vocals.

Stream the rest of Inky Ovine below:

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