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Going under the alias Keez, Brad Jones constructs memorable infectiousness with his eclectic taste and songwriting experience. Funk, R&B, and psychedelia are a handful at the forefront, all styles the Bend, Oregon native infuses into his sound, which is completely self-written and self-produced. With his new album Water Creatures, Jones worked with a new group of collaborative musicians, now dubbed The Keez Band, who played on the album and will perform on tour sometime in the next few months.

Between other stellar career highlights, like producing tracks for the Ant-Man and Neighbors movie trailers, Jones maintains his focus on Water Creatures, a 17-track epic that can now be purchased on streamed on Bandcamp. Each track is its own unique stylistic journey, including yearning piano ballad “Mr. Stallenbrown” (reminiscent of Ben Folds), colorful funk-electro-reggae hybrid “Git Down”, and dark electro-popper “Heresay”. The electronic-minded focus and eclectic stylistic approach isn’t too far from what Gorillaz succeeded with on Plastic Beach; it’s a constantly colorful and stylistically varied collection of songs that succeeds in its majority. Despite the length, the production on each track is commendably polished, and good ideas are aplenty as opposed to being recycled.

Stream the very interesting Water Creatures in full below:

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