Mind the Journey – “Rose Colored Glasses”

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Connecticut-based Spencer Sabo got his start in music as a drummer, before discovering the keyboard at age 17. The one-two punch of having a grasp on both these instruments naturally led him toward the realm of audio production. His solo project Mind the Journey combines Sabo’s percussive and keyboard talents with his enthusiasm for psych-pop/rock production, very much in the similarly otherwordly world of The Flaming Lips. As much is evident in the first minute alone of “Rose Colored Glass”, where Sabo projects his intense and distorted vocals over a landscape of evolving keyboards and whirring suspense, before transitioning to a suave relaxer after the one-minute mark. This whirring distorted drone guides the rest of the track through keyboard-laden and arpeggiated journeys over Sabo’s melodic vocals, reminiscent of Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo. It’s a good one, off his upcoming album Color in the Gray Machine, out January 5th.


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