Mleo – “Ridiculous”

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With a crisp-clean alternative-pop sound that seems at least partly driven by John Frusciante-inspired guitar stylings, Mleo (muh-lee-oh) treads an enjoyable line between radio-friendly sensibilities and more off-beat yet admirable guitar-led atmospheric constructions. The result is a fresh and engaging sound that could just as likely top the charts as it could attract strictly a devoted cult following; there’s no telling, and that’s part of the appeal. Audrey Reed’s vocals – which range from sweetly endearing deliveries to chaotic infectious intensity – guide the group’s sound alongside the prominence of the RHCP general likeness. A project like Mates of State comes to mind a comparison, purely for the similar vocal range and rock-led grasp. The “can’t you see me walking out this door” chorus is effective as a central refrain between the playful guitar bits and vocal stretches. A quality effort, for sure, from this California-based group.

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