Posted December 3, 2015 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Old Sea Brigade – “Love Brought Weight”

old sea brigade

Old Sea Brigade isn’t a project that’s shifting stylistic tides with its sound, a hushed and quaint form of folk that brings to mind artists like Bon Iver. Still, what it intends to do – it does very well. Lush vocals float in ethereal form over a gentle guitar trickle, occasional twinkles, and a slight female vocal backing. “Love Brought Weight” is an understated and straightforward track, predictable in its structure and stylistic maneuver, but it’s a pleasant piece of listening comfort food in any case. The Atlanta-based Ben Cramer does well with this project, with an accessible and quaint form of folk-pop that won’t have issues attracting its niche. His warm sound and gentle introduction of hooks keeps the group’s new five-track EP consuming throughout.

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