Opium Denn – “I Am a Feeling #1”

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The highly mysterious Opium Denn project focus on using HEV (Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations) to provide an “unusual buzz” to listeners. I’m not aware of any actual scientific merit of “HEV”, but regardless of what’s being done – Opium Denn certainly capture a lushly hypnotic rock sound that’s nicely complemented by sweeping synth-pad backing soundscapes. It’s like Pure Moods, Vol. 1 combined with the richly resonating rock of a group like Blue Oyster Cult; I assume this is why the reference to “enhanced vibration” – no matter if it’s gimmick-y – seems at least stylistically rooted in this pleasant hybrid.

To be clear, the Soundcloud tracks are labeled as “non HEV” versions, so perhaps there is a mysteriously intoxicating buzz I’m missing out on, but even without it – “I Am a Feeling #1” is a quality mood-rocker with plenty of developmental psychedelic aspects to create a riveting and consuming soundscape, HEV specialties or not.  The uplifting instrumental transition around the two-minute mark is particularly impressive. Stream the project’s album below, “a 37-minute concept record that invokes the deepest parts of the soul.” From mood-setting piano/guitar hybrids to swanky hook-filled rockers like “So Many Faces”, it’s certainly recommended:

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