Scott Liss – “Medicine”

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“Medicine” is a hauting psych-folk effort from Scott Liss, currently based in LA after recently moving from Asbury Park, NJ. His own label, NightOnlyVisual Records, will be putting out Scott’s third album – Modern Isolation – on January 12th. Standout track “Medicine” has already been generating a very positive response since being released a few weeks ago, with the frolicking Elliott Smith-esque acoustics flowing effortlessly over Liss’ vocals, which are endearingly frail and instrument-like in their cohesively implemented delivery. Several electrical swipes around the hook, like around 01:25, provide a glimpse of illumination to the lo-fi approach — especially with the faintly flickering synth around 01:50 and background vocal layering adding another favorable Elliott comparison.

Liss produces a fantastic, ethereal, and haunting sound that surely has me anticipating Modern Isolation, likely one of the first great folk records of 2016.

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