Temporary Hero – “The Thrill Is Gone”

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Chet Baker’s vocal-laden albums contain some of the smoothest, lushest sounds you’ll ever hear. While Baker is particularly renowned for his playing of the trumpet and flugelhorn, his releases recorded in the mid-’50s – Chet Baker Sings and It Could Happen to You – drew ample acclaim for his vocal contributions to standards executed in his trademark style, where he subbed in scatting in place of usual instrumental solos and carried his vocal nonchalance through delicately intricate arrangements. It’s highly recommended to take a full listen to Chet Baker Sings here.

Portland, ME-based artist Temporary Hero is one particular admirer of Baker’s contributions. He has paid tribute in similar stylistic realms before, with previous albums paying homage to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. His CHET project injects modern electro-pop and even dubstep atmospheres into Baker’s touched-upon standards. The homage to “The Thrill Is Gone”, in particular, mashes ghostly choir-like vocals over brooding cavernous bass drums in the distant, conjuring up an atmosphere familiar to fans of later-era Scott Walker. It’s a very interesting take on a style that’s starkly different than what Temporary Hero is delving into, and that’s why it’s interesting enough. Check out the rest of Temporary Hero’s interpretations below:

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