Tom Greenwood – “Anything But Yourself”

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Tom Greenwood is a 28-year-old singer/songwriter from Bow, East London who has a firm grasp on a lovely sound, one that reminds me strongly of The War on Drugs/Kurt Vile and their suave rock sensibilities. Partly rooted in anthemic ’80s rock, uplifting synth-pop, and late-night soundtracks, Greenwood’s sound is richly confident in both atmosphere and execution of hooks. On his great track “Anything But Yourself”, Greenwood’s nonchalant vocals flow smoothly over simplistically effective reverbed percussion, the sort that’s a staple in any ’80s mood rocker. The injection of glistening synths in each bridge, where Greenwood says “the only thing left I can do for you is leave you now” is extremely effective, as is the subsequent guitar solo that washes melodically over the hypnotic allure of the percussion and synth lead.

“Anything But Yourself” is currently the only track on Greenwood’s Soundcloud, but if this is any indication of what’s to come I’ll have my eyes glued on there for anything more. Greenwood mentioned he may “put out a album on cassette/vinyl/iTunes next year”, though. Here’s hoping.

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