Angela Burns – “Napoleon”

angela burns

Angela Burns successfully captures a genre that has dwindled in recent years, producing a darkly intoxicating take on female-fronted grunge and alternative-rock that would have soared high with acts like L7Babes in Toyland, and Angelfish in their heydays. Her track “Napoleon” is haunting from the get-go, with a drawn-out bass line leading over industrious percussion and guitar whimpers. Burns’ vocals are nonchalantly gripping, as is often the grunge standard, and she guides the track wonderfully throughout the atmospheric guitar-led creaking and illuminated post-punk allure.

Burns originally grew up in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, but is now based in LA. Her music experience goes back to age 9, when she played drums in a band with her two sisters. Moving to LA to pursue an acting career, it wouldn’t be surprising if Burns makes a name for herself in the music scene as well. Her sound is gripping and her songwriting touts a penchant for both atmosphere and hooks, so I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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