Bad Reed – “Slackjaw Romance”

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Based out of Brantford, Ontario, Bad Reed is a vibrant-sounding quartet that shows enjoyable versatility throughout the three tracks on their new, eponymous EP. Starting with the opener “Slackjaw Romance”, the group shows a penchant for longing and melancholy, with melodic guitar twangs combining with lush acoustics and Sydney Sollazzo’s emotive vocals. The song takes an enjoyably interesting path around 02:10 in transitioning into a very serene soundscape, where hushed whispers and a faint effervescent synth pad help lead into the song’s strongest section. Love, affection, and sanity are pleaded for, convincingly and melodically by Sollazzo and a strong instrumental backbone.

The other two tracks show off more versatility, especially “Cassava” – which maneuvers through Mars Volta-esque guitar swipes into some metal-inspired excitement. Closer “Punch” blends the spirit of a Parisian ballad with pulsating synth-rock — another delight. It’s an enjoyable EP throughout its entire 11-minute length, for sure, that showcases a new group’s very skillful songwriting. Stream it in full below:

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