Bryan Deister – “All That I Have”

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Bryan Deister’s new album, Spines of the Heart, is a sprawling 22-track journey that treks the enjoyably dark corners of his classical-inspired electro-pop. With his classically trained pedigree showing well, Deister’s sound immediately reminded me of Radiohead’s more subdued recent material (King of Limbs specifically), the likeness driven mainly by the hypnotic synth-bass and Deister’s vocals, which possess a similarly ghostly quality and emotional croon to Thom Yorke’s. Album opener “All That I Have” begins simply enough, with a blooping synth and minimalist percussion. When the latter halts momentarily, Deister’s haunting vocals kick in, giving way a minute later to a buzzing chorus that manages to be simultaneously ominous and infectious. The track and album represent an impressive atmospheric accomplishment, and a stellar introduction to a talented songwriter whose emotionally gripping stylistic vision appears to be firmly in command.

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