Ironwoods – “Crystal Math”

ironwoods hawaii

Ironwoods are a band from Hawaii who just put out a very impressive eponymous album. Their combination of dexterous math-rock and alt-rock remind of The Wrens and Modest Mouse, especially with the frequent presence of concisely jagged guitar tones. Beautiful guitar-led instrumental intros are numerous on the release, with tracks like “Ice Fields”, “Crystal Math”, and “Black Rhino” providing an impressive showcase of the group’s guitar work – both in melodic progression and tonal direction – and spot-on rhythm section. “Crystal Math” is especially impressive in its atmospheric construction, especially as the radiant backing synth pad emerges and provides a perfect contrast to the fast-paced post-punk percussion and haunting guitar feedback. It’s reminiscent of Kraut-rock in a hypnotic sense, and an exhilarating look at Ironwoods’ sound.

Stream the rest of their sold new album below:

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