Nesbeth – “My Dream”

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“My Dream” is an upbeat reggae track, with some notable stylistic adjustments in the use of trickling guitars, sporadic synths, and dual vocal interplay. Jamaican-based artist Nesbeth finishes a positive 2015 thanks to “My Dream” and the steady success of his new album Victory. Nesbeth’s 2014 track “Taste Victory” charted at #1 on Jamaica’s country countdown charts, in addition to charting in the UK. “My Dream” is the single that follows it up, providing yet another breezily enjoyable look at his sound, one that combines R&B with bits of tropical-pop in its free-flowing ability.

Nesbeth explains that “My Dream” revolves around “the manifestation of one’s thoughts; dreams; goal and aspiration – in other words the vibration that you send out is what you receive. In the song I speak of things that is happening and things to be, whilst it’s important to have a dream it’s more important to live the dream.” The track imparts a hypnotic quality throughout its 3+ minutes, making it rather easy to become stuck in your head after a few listens. Nesbeth’s 2016 hopes to be similarly advancing as his prior year with efforts like this.

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