5to4 – “It’s Not That It’s Not”

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5to4 is the songwriting vehicle of Phil Goss, a psychotherapist based in north England who’s also a musician and writer. His previous album, 2006’s Dream Diary, explored “what it means to be human in all its depth” – an apt theme for a psychotherapist, or any human really. Now, about a decade later, Goss has put out a new 3-song EP, Tip It, with his best work yet. His instrumental arsenal and commanding English vocals remind fondly of Robert Wyatt, whose piano-laden stylistic versatility ascends him well above the plainspoken singer/songwriter tag. The ominous piano clanging “Tip It“, the twinkling psycho-acoustic infectiousness of “It’s Not That It’s Not“, and atmospheric effectiveness of the instrumental “Walk” comprise a very worthwhile EP that any fans of Robert Wyatt should check out.

No embedding on these tracks, so just click the track titles above to give them a listen. Most recommended is “It’s Not That It’s Not“.

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