Amber Mark – “S P A C E”

amber mark music

Amber Mark is a new singer/songwriter with her debut EP out this March. “S P A C E” is her first single, just released a few days ago. She describes her sound as “alternative R&B mixed with a little tribal and topped off with a little soul.” It’s a fine description from the track’s producer/singer/writer; it’s an all-encompassing atmospheric experience that transports the listener to a place where they can have their very own tranquil space. Mark’s voice is soulful and drapes wonderfully atop the lush tribal-pop beats. The track gently yet purposefully flows forward with a hypnotic percussion loop, ending softly and definitively. The pit-pattering percussive elements, confident vocals, and convincing tribal-pop soundscape all culminates for a highly impressive offering, which was heavily influenced by Mark’s childhood in India.

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