Aural Fixation – “Embaume Moi” (ft. Eva B. Ross)

Aural Fixation

Aural Fixation is a capricious psych-pop duo from L.A. with a trippy, consuming sound. After a brief introduction in French, their track “Embaume Moi” starts flowing with a combination of gentle guitar strums and haunting keys, the melody reminiscent of the Flaming Lip’s “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1”. Aural Fixation creates an ethereal atmosphere with their dreamy vocals, yet it if you listen closely the lyrics are ominous. Admittedly, when I first glanced at the track it read as “Embrace Moi”, so I was caught off guard with lyrics like “Pull my vital organs out / Baby, I won’t scream and shout / Lock me up inside your tomb / ‘Cause I’m already dead to you.” The juxtaposition of a lush soundscape with heart-wrenching lyrics adds depth to a track already drenching in beautiful melodic layers and a sweeping hypnotic feel.

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