Daniel Grinberg – “Rivers”


Daniel Grinberg has always had music in his life, from playing instruments at age 4 (a small plastic flute his cousin got him) and playing in various rock bands as a teen to studying music for five years at Tel Aviv University in the early ’80s. He’s also composed music for TV and recorded with other artists. Perhaps most impressively, he developed optical software capable of inputting music scores and transforming them into mathematic codes, propelling him into various job opportunities within the tech field, where he has experienced ample success.

A couple of years ago, Grinberg decided to return to his former love of songwriting, the result of which is the album Short Stories. Featuring guests Alex, Aveva Dese and Yoav Arbel, Grinberg’s polished songwriting ranges in styles throughout the album, from darker atmospheric psych-rock with male vocals (“The Forest”) to bluesy pop with female vocals (“Rivers”). The release as a whole is a very impressive display of a quality songwriter able to adapt for various styles and voices. Stream the rest of Short Stories below:

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