Enea – “21”


enea - 21

Detroit-based Enea has been rapping since he was 8, though just went solo with his first mixtape – Accept Me – last year. His single “21” looks particularly primed to guide him toward a big 2016, showing off a very playful style of hip-hop that incorporates various elements of pop and funk. The track’s approach is simple yet accessible; melodically pleasant female vocals repeat the track’s title quite entrancingly, providing a nice melodic backbone in addition to occasional guitar twangs and a mellow bass line for Enea’s charismatic delivery. Acoustic strums and brass flourishes accompany him as well, with the general spirit aptly showing off young exuberance. “I’m doing this for the love of the music and so that I can travel the world with my family and friends,” says Enea, a fun-loving sentiment that seems to fit his optimistic stylistic approach well.

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