Posted February 4, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Hidden Profiles – “Salty Seas”

hidden profiles malmo

Based out of Malmö, Sweden, indie-pop four-piece Hidden Profiles encapsulate the pleasantry of contemporary Scandinavian pop – with gleeful vocals, jangly guitars, and playful rhythms leading hook-y tracks that sounds generally chipper, even when the lyrics are less so (“I had to leave with no time to pack / I couldn’t stay there in the eye of a hurricane”). “Salty Seas” is particularly great. The sort guitar solo around 01:40 provides a concisely enjoyable intermission to the contagious verse and choruses, which relay the unpredictability of life and the sea with the typically lovable Scandinavian indie-pop pleasantries.

Check out their equally excellent effort, the more acoustically-minded (yet still infectiously twangy) “Back to Acapulco”, below:

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